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I wanted to thank you for your initial offer to prepare a dinner for Barb and I.  Little did I know that it would lead to helping me eat healthy, which is exactly what Barb and I have been working on since my illness.  I have a brother and a daughter that have been encouraging us to eat healthier and this has really been the catalyst to make it happen.

The dinner was a lot of fun and the couples here with us had a "great" evening.  You sure made it fun for all of us.  We still talk about it every time we get together.

My brother is enjoying his pan as well and is wondering if you are allowed to ship product out of state.  These would make great Christmas gifts for family and friends you care about.  I think the healthy eating part is something more people should be conscious of these days with "who knows what" in the food we purchase at the average supermarket.

Thanks again John for the "GREAT" evening!


Bob N.

The cost of the system was more than I wanted to spend, but I went ahead and purchased a set.

After using NutraEase for 2 years, and having paid off our pots and pans, I can easily say that it is the BEST THING I have ever bought.  It has increased our quality of life fourfold.  Our food tastes better, is more nutritional, and takes much less time and energy to prepare.

It's easier to think of NutraEase as a significant investment in your family's health, and not as just pots and pans.  They make cooking fun and interesting, and your food tastes fantastic.

Jay C.

My husband and I have been together 12 years and he rarely cooks.  In fact, I wasn't sure he knew how to do more than heat up a can of vegetables.  Well, news flash!!  Since the school year started up, he has taken a load off my plate (no pun intended) and is now cooking delicious family meals every night for the family with what he calls the "Cadillac of all cookware!"  We both work full-time and commute 1hr to/from work each day, but we always make dinner a sacred time to sit at the table and eat as a family.  Many thanks to Victor & Vivian for the in-home demonstration and the additional cooking classes at your home.  Keep up the good work to bring families together and promote clean eating.

Love you guys!

Misty R. - Plano, Texas

I love my NutraEase cookware.  I first saw them displayed and demonstrated at a children's program for healthy eating and cooking demonstration.  I scheduled my first home dinner party right then and there on the spot.  I was sold.  At my first dinner, I ordered the small set A from last year.  I loved it so much that when I finished paying for that set I turned around and ordered set B.  Cooking in NutraEase is fun, the food tastes so pure and healthy, and your taste buds come to life.  The decision to purchase NutraEase is one of the best decisions I have made to help improve my health.  I am a pre diabetic and I know that I am changing my eating habits by having NutraEase cookware.

Amy H. - Grapevine, TX

As I use the NutraEase items, I discover nicer variations.  I can now say that cooking is no longer drudgery; it is interesting and exciting!

A. Prasad – India

In NutraEase cookware, the best part is all the vegetables remain as is and the color is retained.  Even flavor does not change after repeating heating.

B. Jain

Since we have been using NutraEase, we have experienced the following: retention of nutrition, lots of saving on oil and gas, the cookware does not react with curd (yoghurt), and even when the food burns at the bottom, it doesn't taste burnt.  I am very satisfied with the product.

C. and S. Patel

The thought of a healthier lifestyle was always in our minds since many years which we found it in different ways like eating healthful food, exercising, hygiene and good habits, etc., but the lesson we learned in the NutraEase workshop was really an eye-opener.  It really is a life changer.  As the adage goes, 'Health is Wealth, but Better Health is Prosperity.'  We have found the real treasure of our life which will improve our body physically and mentally throughout.

R. Kumar

I admit I was a little skeptical at first, but after the presentation I made a purchase.  When I got the pans and started cooking with them I couldn't be happier.  The fast cooking and easy cleanup make life a lot easier and I can make some great meals mainly all in one pan.  I will continue to suggest these pans to friends and family.  Thank you for helping me with my kitchen needs.


I love my cookware.  I love the way it makes ordinary vegetables taste so good.  I was never real fond of cabbage, but now I cook it a couple of times a week.

M. Logan